Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bucket Lists: Short Term and Long Term

Long Term Bucket List:


1.       The first thing I would have on my long term bucket list is, to go to Spain and watch Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. I would have this first on my bucket list because I have always loved Real Madrid and they are rivals with Barcelona, so it would be very special game.


2.       I want to play for our local professional soccer team, The New England Revolution. Even though they are not very good, I would love to represent New England in the MLS.


3.       Next, I want to go sky diving in Mexico. The reason I want to do this is because my cousin Alyssa went sky diving and loved it. I want to do it in Mexico because it is so scenic.


4.       Hopefully, eventually I can go to a Lil Wayne concert. I want to go to one because, it would be so fun and he’s my favorite rapper.


5.       Brazil, I would love to go to Brazil, because they have amazing soccer. I would hope to play with local people.


6.       It would be so cool if I could make my own flavor of Gatorade. This is on my bucket list because I love Gatorade and it would be awesome if I could create my own kind, that way I would always have my favorite flavor to drink.



Short Term Bucket List:


1.       Score 10 goals in a soccer game. My record of most goals in a game is 5 from three years ago. It would be pretty nasty to double that record.


2.       I have never eaten sushi, and I think it would be pretty interesting if I tried it. I want to broaden my horizons with food because I am overall kind of a picky eater.


3.         Get a 100 average in a class at the end of the term. Last year I accomplished this, but it was middle school, and I want to do It in high school.


4.       I want to buy a pair of customized cleats. I see people with customized cleats all of the time, and I have never gotten them. I want to get a pair, because I want cleats that no one else will have.


5.       I hope that I can get a job soon. This is o my bucket list because I want to be able to buy a car when I get my license.


6.       My final goal is to get 1000 juggles with a soccer ball. This is my goal because my record right now is 682.

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