Monday, September 29, 2014

Incentives Response

A)           When you really think about it, incentives are essential to life. Incentives govern human behavior because without them, people would lack the motivation to do anything. There are many examples of incentives throughout many different activities. Some of which are: money, friendship, and even your own success. I believe the best incentive to motivate people is the simple satisfaction of impressing someone who you may think very highly of, and example of this incentive is when there is a little boy playing baseball. The boy wants to score as many runs as possible to impress his dad, this is his incentive. This could be an incentive for an adult figure as well, for example, in work when there is a task that someone needs to complete, they would hope to complete it as best as possible, in order to impress their boss.

        B)       An aesthetic experience is when all of your senses become as keen as ever. It is a moment like you have never felt before, when you are completely engaged in your particular activity. An example of this for me is when I am in a big game. While warming up, I would listen to music and become entirely enthralled by the atmosphere. During the game it is silent, the crowd isn’t even there, yet I can still hear them at the same time. I can see everything clearly to pick out the perfect pass. I can feel the pressure of players behind me and when we score, all I can feel is happiness and all I can hear s everyone shouting. It is a surreal moment that only comes once in a blue moon, but when it does, it is brilliant. 

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